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    June 10th, 2017

    We are saved.

    We found a moon in one of the planets of the solar system where the oxygen is exactly the same as on earth. There is also vegetation and it looks like the moon is populated with small predators seeking for food at night. We must be careful.

    May 4th, 2017

    We are travelling to a star where it might have an inhabitant planet.

    We are almost out of fuel and food. Most of the crew are in hibernate state at sleeping chambers. If there is no an inhabitant planet in this solar system then all passengers of the spaceship gravitin can be gone.

    February 17th, 2017

    Finally we fixed our communication system.

    With our communication system fixed and new login system in the game we can easily find an inhabitant star, but our resources are almost gone, so we have to be quick.

    August 5th, 2016

    We are lost in space.

    We are somewhere in delta quadrant in a region of space with no stars or systems. We are trying to find a way to the nearest inhabitant star, but without our communication system is almost imposible.

    April 13th, 2016

    First screenshots of learn stars game.

    The spaceship engine and subgame for learning stars.

    december 24th, 2015

    Today our login form is ready for use.

    You can register to Gravitin and stay in touch with us. Register to Gravitin means connect to all Gravitin users in games and challenge them, store your games progress data, and explore the unknown universe with the speed of light in the first place.

    october 10th, 2015

    At the moment we are working on our games.

    If you want to be notified when the first game will go live, you can send us an email here, and we will inform you with pleasure. Thank you for your confidence.

    February 21st, 2015

    A new star is born.

    Gravitin has just started its engines.

  • About usWhat we do

    Gravitin is a dedicated team of a challenge and passionate developers and creators who are convinced that there are no limits. By creating a new way of looking into things, We are focusing on exploring remarkable places and moments deep down into the unknown universe for highly enjoyable and entertaining games.

    Ivan Nedanovski - Owner

    Straight from university, Ivan started to develop 3D Games, the greatest passion from his early age. With a background of software engineering and Game Technology, he engage the engines of creation and keeps the spaceship straight beyond the limits. Ivan is code multilingual but speaks perfectly human and little bit alien after the last visit at pegasus galaxy cluster. When he is not behind the steering wheel he is thinking about the next trip.

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    Vasko Karangeleski 23/6,
    Bitola, Macedonia.
    Telephone: +38976524342

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    Gravitin Online Privacy Policy

    Gravitin is a company located at Vasko Karangeleski 23/6, Bitola, Macedonia. It respects the privacy rights of their on-line visitors and providing a secure environment for the information it collects. By using this website, you accept this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, this Privacy Policy may vary from time to time, so please read this document periodically to see if there are some changes. The date at the bottom of this page indicates the date of the last modification.
    This Privacy Policy respects all applicable laws on data protection.

    What personal information we collect and how we use it?

    Gravitin only collects personal information in accordance with the applicable laws. At the moment Gravitin collects personal information that you submit via contact page, which may include your name, your email address and optional your telephone number.
    Gravitin also collects personal information when a user registers to Gravitin, which includes full name, email address, desired username and desired Gravitin password. Also there is an option for the users to upload their own personal profile image.
    Gravitin will also ask you to enter a username and a password. We would ask that you do not use your real name, the name of another person, or a name protected by copyright or trademark as a user name. If you are a registered user, your information may be stored in Gravitin’s databases to customize the website for you, to provide customized information about Gravitin games, store user progress in games, technical support services, updates and more. We do not require these information if you are just visiting our site.

    Who collects and uses your information?

    The information you enter on contact or register page will only be sent to Gravitin once you have clicked the "Submit" or "Register" button. You can halt the transfer of data at any time by quitting the form screen, i.e. by closing your web browser prior to clicking the "Submit" or "Register" button. Therefore no information will then be sent to Gravitin.
    When you visit a Gravitin site and you provide your information, you only share this information with Gravitin.

    How your personal information could be used?

    The personal data you submit to Gravitin allows us to provide you with games, customer, and technical support services, and, if you wish, to inform you of our new games or products, updates and/or competitions, promotional offers and special events.

    What REGISTER, SIGN IN, MYACCOUNT pages are and their uses?

    The information you enter at Register page is used to register an account to Gravitin. You will be asked to enter your email address, your full name, desired username and Gravitin password. Gravitin password should not be the same with your email password. Once you clicked on "Register" button an email will be sent to your email address set in the register page in order to activate your Gravitin account. When your Gravitin account is activated, you will be notified via email and since then you can freely use sign in page with your email/username and password.
    My Account page is used to view your personal information and/or edit them. There is an option to change your password, username or full name, and/or add your personal profile image.
    There is also a service if you forgot your password, how you can reset it and sign in again to Gravitin.

    What cookies are and how we use them?

    Cookies are small data files sent to your hard disk from the Internet sites you visit. Any cookies stored on your computer can be used to recall details such as your password or a previous registration or authentication.
    Gravitin may use browsing cookies to collect user information in order to display contextual ads.

    What is the level of security of your personal information applied?

    Gravitin respects the information you send us should be protected and should remain in its original form. Access to all private data is strictly monitored.

    Visiting the Gravitin website and using our on-line services indicates your acceptance of Gravitin's Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website or use our on-line services.

    This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 24, 2015.
  • Learn Stars Game

    Travel the universe and learn the stars and constellations. You have just finished interstelar academy and became a spaceship pilot. You are located on a spaceship Gravitin and have a mission. But you still need to learn how to survive in space.

    - We are still working on the game and there will be beta release very soon.

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